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Eczema on Legs Causes, Pictures, Types, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, and Natural Home Remedies

You may not realize is that for the nearly 32% of peoples who deal with eczema, a group of epidermal conditions that typically cause dry, flaky, or leathery skin. Eczema can develop in many parts of your body, including your foot and legs.

In this video, we will introduce some information about eczema on legs causes, triggers, types, main symptoms, treatment, prevention, and natural home remedies advice.

By the way, welcome to Anatomy Note Youtube Channel.

causes and Trigger Factors of Eczema on legs

Experts are still working to learn the causes of modern medicine. But they believed, eczema can develop as a result of a wide variety of genetic and environmental triggers. Stress is also often a key factor.

Some things may also trigger eczema on the legs, they include:

  1. Having had atopic dermatitis in the past.
  2. Being exposed to allergens or irritants, such as certain metals, or water pool.
  3. Fungal infection.
  4. Strong sunlight.
  5. Having overactive sweat glands.
  6. Wearing unsuitable pants.
  7. Systemic diseases like heart failure or immune deficiency diseases.

In traditional medicine, it is believed that dermatitis is caused by the damage of the balance of the body organs natures, especially the skin natures, which is affected by various internal and external factors.

Types of Eczema on legs

There are several types of eczema on legs, they include:

  1. Atopic dermatitis.
  • Contact dermatitis.
  • Varicose eczema. This is the most important and common type of leg eczema.
  • Asteatotic eczema.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema.
  • Neurodermatitis.
  • Nummular eczema.

We will introduce more details about these leg eczema in our upcoming video.

Symptoms of Eczema on legs

Like all types of eczema, the affected skin becomes:

  1. Dry, cracking, and red skin.
  2. Clear fluid on the rash.
  3. Rashes.
  4. Thick, scaling skin.
  5. Itching and swollen.
  6. Pain
  7. Small, white scars

Treatment of Eczema on legs

Unfortunately, There is no 100% cure for eczema in modern medicine, but many treatments are available for relieving symptoms, prevent a flare-up and more are on the horizon.The following medical treatment may order by your dermatologist, they include:

  1. Corticosteroid creams and ointments, like hydrocortisone topical cream.
  2. Antihistamine cream or tablets.
  3. Antibiotics cream or antifungal cream like ketoconazole.
  4. UV phototherapy.
  5. Botulinum toxin.
  6. Topical crisaborole.
  7. Immune modulator treatment.

These treatments must be supervised by specialists. Because corticosteroids could thin your skin, and some treatment may affect your other body organ function.

Prevention and natural home remedies of Eczema on legs

There are also some natural home remedies and prevention tips for eczema on the neck that can relieve symptoms or prevent a flare-up. These include:

  1. Find out your eczema trigger and try to prevent it.
  2. Keep Skin Moisturized regularly.
  3. Avoid scratching. Because the more you scratch, the more it gets worse.
  4. Avoid allergen, it may be food or others.
  5. Applied Cold milk to the eczema area.
  6. Avoid food high in salt to prevent stasis dermatitis.
  7. Try aloe vera gel sometimes.
  8. Wear Soothing Clothes that suitable for weather and seasons.

You may find more eczema natural home remedies tips videos on our youtube channel. Thanks for your watching.

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