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Eczema on lips causes, symptoms, treatment, remedies, prevention

In this video, we will introduce you Eczema on the lips causes, symptoms, types, treatment, and prevention.

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So, what is eczema on the lips?

Eczema on the lips is also known as lip dermatitis and eczematous cheilitis. You may notice redness, drying, and scaling on your lips. These symptoms may appear on your lips because of a genetic predisposition to eczema, or from an outside occurrence.

Causes of eczema on the lips:

The exact cause of lip dermatitis is often unknown, and it is believed to be developed as a result of environmental and genetic factors in modern medicine.

Here are some common factors to watch out for, that may trigger lip eczema:

  1. Cigarette smoke.
  2. Using lip products containing certain chemicals.
  3. Eating certain foods cause allergic reactions.
  4. Dry or cold weather.
  5. Getting an upper respiratory infection.
  6. Fragrances or chemicals in soaps, beauty products.
  7. Coming into contact with pollen or pet dander.
  8. Prolonged use of face mask
  9. Changes in hormone levels.
  10. Unhealthy gut.

In traditional medicine, it is believed that dermatitis is caused by the damage of the balance of the body organs natures, especially the skin natures, which is affected by various internal and external factors.

symptoms of Eczema on the lips:

The symptoms of eczema on the lips can include:

  1. Rashes on or around the lips.
  2. Dryness or flakiness on the lips, or around the lip area.
  3. Split or scaly skin.
  4. Itching, Burning.
  5. Pain, Inflammation.

Types of eczema on lips:

The word “cheilitis” is science-speak for inflammation of the lips, which can present itself in a few different forms:

  1. Dry skin types: If you generally have dry skin head-to-toe, this may also extend to your lips—in which case, you may just be experiencing common dry lips.
  2. Angular cheilitis: This type of lip inflammation, which is caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, typically manifests itself in the outer corners of the mouth.
  3. Allergic contact cheilitis: this form of lip inflammation is caused by an allergic reaction, which can happen in response to just about anything that comes into contact with your lips like cosmetics or skincare products, medication, or even food.

Eczema on the lips treatments:

Treatment options for eczema on the lips may include the following medications and home remedies:

medicated creams, including corticosteroids.

antifungal creams for angular cheilitis

the compound of antifungal medicine and corticosteroids is the ideal choice for treatment. Most of our patients cured or symptoms relief via this treatment.

but this treatment must be supervised by specialists because the corticosteroid may thin your skins.

regular moisturizing and try lip balms.

Eczema on the lips prevention:

People can reduce their risk of developing lip eczema by:

  1. identifying allergies and avoiding allergens, which may include cosmetics or foods.
  2. doing a skin patch test before using any new topical products.
  3. switching to natural products containing fewer chemicals and fragrances.
  4. lowering stress levels, as this is a common trigger for eczema.
  5. avoiding cigarette smoke.
  6. removing bacteria from the skin by washing the hands and face regularly.
  7. getting treatment for underlying health problems.
  8. following the recommendations of a doctor or dermatologist.

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Eczema on lips causes, symptoms, treatment, remedies, prevention | Lip dermatitis, Lip Cheilitis

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