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Human anatomyFemale Reproductive SystemLabial Hymen Rare types of hymen, Structure, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Labial Hymen Rare types of hymen, Structure, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

The hymen is a thin membrane shaped like a half-moon that partially covers the opening of a young girl’s vagina, allowing space for menstrual blood to flow out. The hymen can rip or tear during first sexual life, which usually may result in pain and temporary bleeding or spotting. Hymens can come in different shapes.

In this video, we will introduce you Labial hymen.

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What is a labial hymen?

The labial hymen is a rare type of hymen. It has a shape that n elliptical view from top to bottom. The female with this rare type of hymen may have difficulty during sexual activity.

You can see in the picture “labial hymen” have a narrow opening in front of hymeneal tissue that is partially blocking the opening to your vagina.

Causes of labial hymen

Like other types of hymen, a labial hymen is a congenital disorder, this means labial hymen is something a girl is born with. No one knows why this happens. There is nothing that the mother did to cause it.

Symptoms and diagnosis

Most of the labial hymen cases have no obvious symptoms. In some rare cases, there may be no symptoms until a female reaches puberty and begins using tampons during her periods or her first vaginal sexual life.

Symptoms may include:

  1. Lack of a menstrual cycle despite having other signs of sexual maturity, such as developing breasts and pubic hair. It’s also called hypomenorrhea by the doctor.
  2. Difficulty inserting or removing a tampon. It may cause pain or discomfort.
  3. Pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse when the narrow hymen opening tears.

Labial hymen can be diagnosed in infancy, childhood, or puberty accidentally. Because most of them don’t cause a problem until a female has her first sexual life. During an examination, the gynecologist can confirm that there is a narrow opening to her hymen.

Treatment of labial hymen

Surgery may not be required in most cases. However, it is necessary in individual cases, one of them is excessive pain during sexual intercourse or use of tampons. Another rare case is the young female who has coagulopathy disorder or takes some anti-coagulant medication. If there is a problem of blood coagulation, the female may be at risk of large amounts of bleeding during the first sexual life.

Are there other types of hymen?

There are several types of hymen shapes. crescentic hymen, annular hymen, dentate hymen, denticular type hymen, fimbriate hymen, lunar-shape hymen, septate hymen, bifenestrate hymen, cribriform hymen, microimperforate hymen, imperforate hymen, labial hymen and parous introitus types hymen. Some women are even born without hymen! But, don’t fret. If you have different type of hymen, it’s not uncommon.

If you are interested, we have also introduced other types of hymen in another video in detail.

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Labial Hymen Rare types of hymen, Structure, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment | Reproductive system

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